Temperature Controlled Freight

Our specialty is transporting produce and other temperature sensitive items coast to coast. We pride ourselves on product knowledge, best loading practices, and logistical analysis.

We assure a smooth ride of product and information direct to you every step of the way.

Logistics and Analysis

With 24/7 availability, we provide live updates and tracking information anywhere, anytime. Combined with our ability to provide up to date weather and market conditions, we can create a logistics plan catered to your business needs.

Cold Chain Management

A vital part of transportation is in cold chain management. Understanding how to load and unload product, calculating weights and measures, routes, and timing are critical for any companies bottom line. A number of issues can arise from point of loading to delivery. We work tirelessly to seek and provide value and maximize efficiency at every step.

Our team has decades of experience in transportation. We know and understand the "in's and out's" of the industry that will save time, money, and complications that arise from lack of planning and poor management.


As an asset based carrier, few things are as important as maintaining our fleet. All of our trucks meet and exceed state and federal standards and regulations. We continuously maintain modern, efficient equipment to meet the growing needs of our business.

We are fully committed to transporting goods in the most sustainable means available.

Technology is evolving at a rapid rate. Routinely updating our trucks, trailers, and machinery is one of several measures we undertake to assure we stay at the forefront of innovations within our industry.

Partnerships & Resources

Sierra has been a Blue Book Member since 2002.

We are active members with Calstart's clean commercial transportation initiatives and we've been rated a Transcore of 99.

We have built our company on integrity, and our partnerships reflect our commitment to providing superior service and our dedication to our industry.

We are also active in our community. We support numerous local charities and sponsor local recreational sports, the Visalia Emergency Aid Council, as well as multiple local school fundraisers.